ASTM International to Host Workshop on Natural Gas Blended with Hydrogen

ASTM International’s Workshop on Natural Gas Blended with Hydrogen: Analytic Challenges and Standardization will be held Dec. 6, 2023. The workshop is organized by ASTM’s gaseous fuels committee (D03) and will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) in conjunction with the December standards development meetings of the committee.

The purpose of this workshop is to inform stakeholders in the natural gas industry of instrumentation and blending of the ASTM standards available for natural gas sampling and analysis, with emphasis on the role of hydrogen in the process. A key outcome will be assessing the need for new standardization efforts in natural gas sampling and analysis, as well as the need for modifications to existing standards.

Topics for this workshop include:

  • Discussion on existing sampling and analysis of natural gas;
  • Identify precision and bias needs and modifications of scopes for current standards;
  • Impact of percent levels of hydrogen in natural gas on existing sampling and analysis standards;
  • Identify gaps in sampling and analytic methods for natural gas with percent concentrations of hydrogen;
  • Identify major concerns and standardization needs; and
  • Educate stakeholders such as the natural gas industry on the existence and utility of ASTM standards.

To participate in the workshop, authors must submit a 250 to 300-word abstract to workshop co-chairs Christina Daniels ( and Bill Buttner ( by Apr. 30, 2023.

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Symposia Operations Contact: Tammy Schane, tel+1.610.832.9522,

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January 31, 2023