New Standard Provides Specifications for Hempseed Food Products

A new ASTM International standard will provide credible and achievable specifications for food-grade hempseed products. The new standard, soon to be published as D8440, was developed by ASTM’s cannabis committee (D37).

According to ASTM International member Clarence Shwaluk, the new standard identifies food safety and quality thresholds for dehulled hempseed, toasted hempseed, hempseed oil and hempseed protein products.

“The new standard outlines expectations for food safety of hempseed products so that folks consuming these can have confidence that the food they eat is safe, and companies have a standard they can reference or add to,” says Shwaluk. “The standard also outlines key elements related to quality and shelf-life stability and the standardized test methods that apply. This will help ensure there is integrity in the food supply chain prior to arriving at the retail shelf.”

Shwaluk says that food companies and their hempseed suppliers will be able to reference the new standard as a base set of attributes relating to food safety and minimum quality. “Regulators could use the standard to complement existing food safety requirements and consumers can review to help understand how food companies are focusing on safety,” notes Shwaluk.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 on waste less food and supporting local farmers.

“Knowing the aspects relating to key microbials and managing to the thresholds identified to shelf life means we can manage the product proactively,” says Shwaluk. “When we understand ahead of time when the product is starting to reach the end of shelf life, we help avoid food loss due to spoilage.”  

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“We always hope to engage the hemp industry to further contribute to hemp standards in all countries where hemp is produced for food, fiber, and, in the future, animal feed,” Shwaluk notes. “Hemp growers, hemp food processors, regulators and those with an interest in food safety and quality are welcome to participate in technical committees or as reviewers of drafts.”

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June 15, 2022