New Standard Provides International Symbol for Intoxicating Cannabinoids

A new ASTM International standard establishes an international symbol that will indicate that a product contains intoxicating cannabinoids. ASTM’s cannabis committee (D37) developed the standard for the International Intoxicating Cannabinoid Product Symbol (IICPS).

The standard (D8441/D8441M) will apply to all finished products intended for consumer use. This includes topical use, ingestion, inhalation, and any other method of adsorption on the body of a human or animal.

ASTM International member David L. Nathan, M.D., who co-designed the symbol with his son Eli Nathan, notes that the new standard has its origins in a project initiated with Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) to create an appropriate symbol to indicate intoxicating elements in cannabinoids.

According to Nathan, the collaborative effort between D37 and DFCR was intended “to create a truly universal cannabis product symbol, mindful of its importance as a means to communicating to adults and children the need for caution with products containing cannabis. The symbol has the potential to facilitate a spirit of collaboration among experts, regulators, and all other stakeholders in the cannabis industry.”

ASTM International member Martha Bajec, Ph.D., the technical contact for the new standard, notes that the task group responsible for D8441/D8441M is now working on a proposed standard for a symbol identifying consumer products that contain non-intoxicating cannabinoids (WK81113).  All parties interested in contributing to the development of this and other D37 standards are encouraged to join the committee.

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March 15, 2022