New Pipe Standard Will Support Use of Concrete Pipe in Trenchless Construction

ASTM International’s concrete pipe committee (C13) has approved a new standard that will help in manufacturing circular concrete pipe that is installed using pipe jacking techniques. The type of pipe covered by the new standard is typically used to convey sewage, industrial wastes, stormwater, or utilities.

Engineers, precast concrete pipe manufacturers, and jacking contractors will be the primary users of the new standard (C1885).

According to ASTM International member Josh Beakley, the new standard was developed as a supplement to existing concrete pipe standards.

“When concrete pipe must be utilized in a jacking pipe installation, whereby the pipe is lowered down to a jacking pit and pushed through the soil, rather than digging a trench, there are additional manufacturing details that must be considered,” says Beakley, vice president of engineering, American Concrete Pipe Association.

Beakley notes the new standard will assist manufacturers and contractors in coordinating requirements for a jacking pipe project.

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12 on responsible consumption and production.

“Trenchless technologies such as jacking reduce the impact to the environment caused by open cut methods,” says Beakley, “It reduces the amount of soil removed from the trench, as well as the requirement for any imported soil, which additionally reduces emissions resulting from construction vehicles.”

In addition, Beakley notes, trenchless methods can be performed under transportation routes while they’re still in service, thus reducing emissions resulting from detours and congestion caused by construction.

With the completion of C1885, the concrete pipe committee will soon begin developing a proposed standard on microtunneling pipe. All interested parties are invited to join the committee.  

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January 26, 2022