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New ASTM Proposed Standard on Lithologic Permeability Logging

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A newly proposed standard developed by Committee D18 on Soil and Rock will lead to more effective cleanup programs for groundwater contamination.

The proposed standard (WK48024, New Practice for Direct Push Hydraulic Injection Logging for Relative Permeability and Lithology with Depth) uses injection logging with hydraulic profiling tools (HPT) to gather accurate information on permeability of soils and unconsolidated formations. It will enable investigators to develop a detailed conceptual site model to understand the contaminant migration in an area.

Engineers, geologists, soil scientists, and regulators will be able to use this new standard as guidance in the use of injection logging for groundwater investigations.

The committee welcomes interested parties to take part in the ongoing development of this standard, specifically those with professional and technical experience in the groundwater industry.

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