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تشير الهيئة المصرية العامة للمواصفات والجودة إلى مواصفات منظمة ASTM الدولية


<div dir="rtl"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></div><div dir="rtl"><strong>ويست كونشوهوكن، بنسلفانيا، 8 يناير 2010 –</strong> أشار أحد التقارير السنوية الصادرة مؤخراً والذي رفعته الهيئة المصرية العامة للمواصفات والجودة، إلى أن هيئة المواصفات تستمر بالاستفادة من العلاقة الناجحة التي تربطها بمنظمة <span dir="ltr">ASTM</span> الدولية للمواصفات.</div><div dir="rtl">&nbsp;</div><div dir="rtl">الهيئة المصرية العامة للمواصفات والجودة هي الهيئة المؤهلة والرسمية المسؤولة عن نشاطات المواصفات وكذلك الجودة وعلم المقاييس الصنا

تتبنى الهيئة العامة القطرية للمواصفات والمقاييس مواصفات منظمة ASTM الدولية


 ويست كونشوهوكن، بنسلفانيا، 12 نوفمبر 2009 – أشار التقرير السنوي الأخير الذي رفعته إدارة المواصفات والمقاييس لدى وزارة البيئة في دولة قطر، بأن مذكرة التفاهم التي وقعتها الإدارة مع منظمة ASTM الدولية في 2007 لا تزال تسجل نجاحاً.

Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence to Host Virtual Workshop, Debuts Second Annual Report

Today, ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) debuted its second annual report, which highlights the robust portfolio of AM projects to accelerate research to standards, expansion of global team members and key partners, and much more. The center also announced the 4th Snapshot Workshop on AM Industrialization and Automation, to be held virtually, Sept. 11, 2020.

ASTM International Awards $10,000 Scholarships to Four Graduate Students

ASTM International announced today that four graduate students each won $10,000 scholarships for their studies in fields where technical standards play a crucial role. This year’s winners were chosen from a competitive pool of more than 30 applications.

The following candidates will receive the 2020 ASTM International graduate scholarships:

ASTM International Announces November Virtual Additive Manufacturing Conference

The ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ASTM ICAM 2020), scheduled to be held in person in Orlando, FL on November 16-20, 2020 will now be held virtually. The ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, who is sponsoring the event, made the decision after consultation with the organizing scientific committee and careful consideration of speakers’ preferences.

Proposed Cannabis Standards Will Focus on Vocational Requirements

Proposed ASTM International standards will provide standardized experiential, educational, role descriptors, and expected body of knowledge for vocations in the cannabis industry. ASTM’s committee on cannabis (D37) is developing the proposed standards.

The proposed standards include certification requirements for: 

ASTM International Cancels All Remaining 2020 In-Person Standards Meetings

In light of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and ongoing safety concerns for members and staff, ASTM International announced today that all previously scheduled in-person standards development meetings (including independent meetings) through the end of the year have been canceled.

Affected meetings include October, November, and December Committee Weeks in Orlando, Florida, and Austin, Texas, and all independent committee meetings for the remainder of 2020. 

These decisions were based on several factors, including, but not limited to:


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