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Forensic Sciences Committee Seeks Increased Stakeholder Participation

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ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) has begun submitting its standards to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for designation as American National Standards.

The E30 executive committee approved this action, with support from the main committee membership, to engage broader, critical stakeholder input into the standards being published. The forensic science community will now have an opportunity to provide comments on E30 draft standards through their access to the ANSI Standards Action.

To broaden the scope of its activities now that the ANSI process has begun, the committee invites all interested parties to participate in its standards developing activities. ASTM membership secretary, Karen Reczek, National Institute of Standards and Technology, notes that the committee would like to expand its participation among forensics experts among general interest (including academia, conformity assessment bodies, government, etc.); producers (including manufacturers of equipment, kits, etc.); and users (including attorneys, judges, advocacy groups, etc.).

E30 has over 65 active forensic science standards covering the areas of criminalistics, digital and multimedia evidence, and interdisciplinary standards on topics such as training and education, quality assurance and sexual violence. In addition, the committee has more than 60 work items (both new standards and revisions of existing standards) in development.

Recent work items of importance to the forensic community open for commenting include:

  • Standard Practice for Validation and Verification of Analytical Methods for Forensic Science Service Providers Performing Forensic Chemical Analyses (WK72631);
  • Standard Practice for Establishing an Examination Scheme for Intact Explosives (WK67862);
  • Standard Guide for The Collection, Analysis and Comparison of Forensic Glass Samples (WK72932).

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Follow E30 standards announced in ANSI Standards Action, published weekly. Become a member at

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