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Ethiopia Standards Agency Adopts Several ASTM International Concrete Standards

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The Ethiopian Standards Agency (EX Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia) has adopted several ASTM International standards for building construction over the past year. The Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) and ASTM signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in 2005.

Established in 1970, the Ethiopian Standards Agency (formerly the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia) is the national standards body of Ethiopia. ESA promotes quality management practices and oversees standards development, certification, metrology and testing.

As part of the MOU agreement, ESA submits an annual report to ASTM detailing the adoption and use of ASTM standards over the past year. ESA reported that 41 ASTM International standards from Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates have been adopted as Ethiopian national standards this year. Eighteen individuals from Ethiopia participate in 16 of ASTM International’s 142 technical committees as full voting MOU members.

“ESA has benefited from the accessibility of ASTM standards and the online virtual training for our staff,” says Almaz Kahisay, president of ESA. “We have adopted several ASTM standards for building construction and participate on various ASTM technical committees.”

Initiated in 2001, ASTM International's MOU program promotes communication between ASTM International and national standards bodies worldwide, fostering awareness of the standardization systems of all parties involved. The purpose of the program is to increase greater worldwide participation in the ASTM standards development process and facilitate the development of national standards that will aid health, safety, and environmental and economic conditions. More information on the MOU program can be found on the ASTM International Web site (

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