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ASTM Molecular Spectroscopy Committee Invites Participation in Revision of Laboratory Information Management Systems Standard

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ASTM International Committee E13 on Molecular Spectroscopy and Separation Science invites all interested parties to join in the ongoing revision of ASTM E1578, Guide for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). ASTM E1578 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee E13.15 on Analytical Data.

According to James B. Powers Jr., managing partner, Bridge Associates LLC, and chair of the E13.15 task group that is revising the standard, the use of electronic laboratory notebooks, cloud computing and the adoption of lean principles has lead to an evolution in the use of LIMS and related analytics currently employed across laboratory environments. The revision will include a holistic review of ASTM E1578.

“Information contained in the revised guide will benefit a broad audience of people who work or interact with LIMS/informatics with laboratories,” says Powers. “Prospective LIMS/informatics users will be able to utilize the updated ASTM E1578 to understand terminology, configurations, features, design, benefits and costs. It will also help new users to understand the purpose and functions of LIMS/informatics.”

The revised ASTM E1578 will also serve the following audiences:

• Individuals who are purchasing LIMS/informatics products will be able to use the guide to identify functions for specific laboratory environments;
• Commercial LIMS/informatics vendors will use the guide as a tool to evaluate, identify and potentially improve the capabilities of their products; and
• LIMS/informatics vender sales staff will be able to use the revised ASTM E1578 to represent functions of their products to prospective customers in more generic and product neutral terms.

The task group is seeking a broad cross section of LIMS/Informatics user, implementers and vendors working in industry, government and academic laboratory environments to work on the revision to ASTM E1578. Individuals who can translate laboratory informatics visions into practical guides and those who have practical experience in the implementation and use life cycles for LIMS/informatics are particularly encouraged to become involved.

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ASTM Committee E13 Next Meeting: March 12, in conjunction with Pittcon 2012, Orlando, Fla.
Technical Contact: James B. Powers, Jr., Bridge Associates International LLC, Princeton, N.J., Phone: 610-659-2094;
ASTM Staff Contact: Joe Koury, Phone: 610-832-9804;
ASTM PR Contact: Barbara Schindler, Phone: 610-832-9603;

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