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ASTM International Interlaboratory Crosscheck Programs on New and Used Hydraulic Fluids and Oils are Open for Registration

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Interested laboratories can now register for two New ASTM Interlaboratory Crosscheck Programs. The two programs are:

  • Hydraulic Fluids/Oils, and
  • In-Service Hydraulic Fluids and Oils.

Both Crosscheck Programs will provide statistical quality assurance tools that will enable laboratories to maintain or improve a high level of performance in conducting routine ASTM tests by comparing results with other laboratories.

Hydraulic fluids/oils ILCP participants will receive a new commercial grade hydraulic fluid or oil plus test instructions for each test cycle. The program will be conducted three times annually beginning in 2006. The first cycle will be in January, followed by May and October. Labs must be registered by November 30, 2005, to be included in the January 2006 test cycle, and the cost is $534 per laboratory.

As part of the In-Service Oil Monitoring ILCP, the In-Service Hydraulic Fluid/Oil Program will provide labs with a representative sample of used or in-service hydraulic fluid or oil. In 2006, the test cycles will be in May, August, and November; laboratories must be registered by March 15, 2006, for May 2006 testing. The program will be offered quarterly in March 2007 (February, May, August and November).

For both interlaboratory crosscheck programs (ILCP’s), test data from the completed determinations will be submitted electronically to ASTM. Each participant will receive an electronic summary report containing coded laboratory results; a statistical analyses of the test data; and charts plotting test results versus lab code.

For additional registration information, contact Helen Mahy, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9683;

The ASTM Interlaboratory Crosscheck Program is a proficiency testing program renown internationally in the petroleum products/lubricants industry.


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