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ASTM International Expands Textiles Proficiency Testing Program

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The ASTM International Proficiency Testing Center is expanding the Textiles Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) scope of testing to include ASTM D5587.

Beginning in February 2006, the ASTM International PTP on Textiles will include ASTM D5587, Standard Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Trapezoid Procedure. The test method covers the measurement of the tearing strength of textile fabrics using a recording constant-rate-of-extension-type (CRE) tensile testing machine, the preferred test apparatus for determining trapezoid tearing strength. Most textile fabrics can be tested by this method, including the heavy fabric test samples used in the textiles PTP.

Adding ASTM D5587 testing to the ASTM PTP will make program participants very attractive to NFPA Code 1951 and 1971 testers and users as well as to those labs doing fire-service protective clothing fabric analyses.

Laboratories who participate in the twice a year program will receive test results available in a statistical summary report available only to participating laboratories. The reports will include coded laboratory test results, statistical analyses, charts plotting test results, and more. Reports will enable participants to 1) monitor laboratory performance strengths and weaknesses; 2) compare test results and calculated statistical parameters with other laboratories, and 3) compare test data for a given quality parameter with other laboratories using the same methods.

The D5587 test will be included in one test cycle of the February and August cycles conducted annually. Program participants receive three textile test samples (light, medium and heavy) plus test instructions for each trial; laboratories can perform one test or all tests in the program scope as would normally be conducted in their facilities. Other tests in the program scope include ASTM test methods for air permeability, Elmendorf tear strength, single rip tear strength, fabric count, and breaking strength and elongation by the grab and strip methods.

Samples, test instructions, and web-based data entry forms are available to each participant from the ASTM-PTP website prior to each test trial. Labs will have approximately four to six weeks to complete tests and submit their results electronically to ASTM-PTP. The final statistical report will be electronically disseminated to each trial participant within 30 days of data submission deadline.

Contact ASTM-PTP at for registration options and answers to your questions. An official registration form is available for the textiles proficiency/interlaboratory crosscheck program at by following the Proficiency Testing link. The form can be completed and faxed to ASTM-PTP Center at 610/832-9668. For more registration information, contact Jamie Lake, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9682;


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