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ASTM International Ends Sales of 1980 Petroleum Measurement Tables

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ASTM International is no longer selling its 11-volume printed Petroleum Measurement Tables, a historical document created in 1980. This has been superseded by updates from the American Petroleum Institute’s Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, a jointly developed document linked to an existing ASTM International standard and its adjunct.

This updated approach considers a broader range of temperature and also takes into account pressure effects on volume correction factors, a combination that more accurately depicts actual field conditions, according to API. 

Moving forward, the industry can use these documents on a voluntary basis:

  • As an instructional guidance document for MPMS chapter 11.1, the field can continue to use ASTM International’s “standard guide for the use of the joint API and ASTM adjunct for temperature and pressure-volume correction actors for generalized crude oils, refined products and lubricating oils” (known as D1250). 
  • The D1250 adjunct itself (known as the adjunct for volume correction factors or VCF) is a related document that includes three key pieces of content: a 2004 update to chapter 11.1, “addendum 1” from 2007, and “addendum 2” from 2019.  This provides algorithm and implementation procedures for correcting temperature and pressure effects on density and volume of liquid hydrocarbons.

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