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ASTM International Committee on Mechanical Testing Launches Development of Superplastic Properties Standard

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ASTM International Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing has begun work on a proposed new standard to describe the test procedure for determining the superplastic forming properties of a material. The committee is actively seeking participation from interested parties in the development of this document. More information on this new activity can be found by entering WK7114 in the site search box on the home page of ASTM International’s Web site (

The origins of the proposed new standard stem from a need at the Boeing Company to specify that the newly developed fine grain titanium (Ti-6AI-4V) which the company purchases meets certain superplastic forming properties at particular temperatures and strain rate conditions. Peter Comley, associate technical fellow, Boeing, feels that there is a universal need for this standard and that other companies will use it when buying fine grain titanium and other SPF materials. "There has been the need in the global SPF community to standardize the testing of SPF alloys and present the data in a common format," says Comley, "At conferences there is much data presented, but it is difficult to compare alloys due to the different test methods, coupon sizes, etc., used by different researchers."

The proposed new standard divides the evaluation of superplastic material into two parts: (1) SPF properties of the material are measured using the four parameters of stress, temperature, strain and strain rate; and, (2) derived products useful to define an SPF material are obtained from the basic properties using specific equations.

According to Comley, Subcommittee E28.02 on Ductility and Flexure Testing welcomes participation from any parties interested in contributing to the development of this standard.

For further technical information, contact Peter Comley, the Boeing Company, Seattle, Wash. (phone: 253/931-9024; Committee E28 meets May 16-18, in Reno, Nev. For membership or meeting details, contact Dan Schultz, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9716;


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