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ASTM International Committee Activity Focuses on Aerospace Industry Certification

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New activity from ASTM International’s aerospace personnel committee (F46) focuses on standardizing certification in the aerospace industry.

Committee F46 oversees the development and maintenance of internationally-accepted standards and guidance materials for aerospace personnel education, qualification, testing, certification requirements, and continued education concurrent with technological advancement. 

Recently, the committee approved a standard guide for aircraft certifications of aerospace engineers and professionals (F3457). The new standard guide addresses knowledge requirements and outcomes of educational training courses for professional airworthiness engineers and designated engineering representatives in the aerospace industry.

“There are certification requirements specific to each country’s respective civil aviation authority concerning the acceptable use and application,” said Rick Ochs, ASTM International committee chair. “Regardless of an engineering process’s name or description, this new guide provides industry consensus-based standards for engineering approval paths that support aircraft certification globally.”

The committee also began work on a proposed standard guide for foreign object elimination certification. The proposed standard guide (WK74509) covers common knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the prevention of damage to aerospace vehicles and personnel as a result of foreign objects and foreign object migration.

Other work items created by the committee this year include endorsements of the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification covering varying systems found on commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft. These certifications include self-contained navigation systems, ground signal-based navigation systems, radio and communication systems, and instrument and indicating systems.

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